Finding The Right Vape Toy

Many of you might be wondering about what I am currently using to vape, and I am more than happy to delve into this. As those of you who have read my previous post know, not all vaping devices are created equal. To understand what makes some devices superior we have to understand the differences between them.


E-cigarettesLets start with the most basic device, disposable e-cigarettes. Many of you are familiar with these, as a lot of people have tied them since they came out a few years ago. There has been a huge advertising campaign run, so I imagine you know some of these brands; blu, markten, v2, halo, ect. These devices come pre-charged, pre-filled, and typically are offered in 3 or 4 nicotine levels. Most claim to be equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes. You vape with them till no more vapors come out and you toss them. Or you unscrew the cartridge, toss it, and replace. These devices are typically sold for around $10, making them more expensive than a regular old pack of cigarettes. Also in the time I spent trying these out I found that once in a while you pick up a brand new e-cigarette and puff on it a short while only to find it was a dud. I don’t know if it is due to being only partially filled with juice, or the atomizer failing. Regardless it is frustrating, and can seriously compromise your resolve to stick with it.


e-cigaretteNext rung up on the ladder of quality vaping is a Vape pen. These differ from the e-cigarettes in that the user fills the refillable tank with their desired e-juice. They are typically larger than e-cigarettes, but hold more juice and their batteries last much longer. They are affordable at $30-60 for a kit plus cost of e-juice, but affordability comes at a price. Vape pen batteries are notorious for crapping out after a while, and it can be hard to find a quality tank that doesn’t leak and burn through coils. Personally I have gone through 4 of these vape devices, and when my vape-pen fails my drive to quit smoking does too. But it is relatively cheep to get started with a vape pen and you get the benefit of trying all kinds of e-juice.


Kangertech-kbox-mod-wholesale-Original-Kanger-SuboxBox-mods are in my humble opinion the perfect vaping device. They outlast all other vaping devices, and the nicer ones have all kinds of settings you can play around with to get that perfect vape hit. Box-mods are well suited for a tank atomizer that can be refilled and holds a reservoir of e-juice (typically a larger amount than a vape pen holds), or for a Re-Buildable Atomizer (RBA) which is a exposed coil and wick that a few drops of e-juice is dripped on and vaped. RBAs allow the user to rebuild their coils, at a much cheaper cost than buying pre-built coils. This also opens up the opportunity to design coils to fit your preferred vaping needs. Many smokers enjoy the dripping experience and like that you can control your usage so easily. Personally I enjoy my box-mod and my tank atomizer, since I don’t have to fuss with wetting my wicks every time I want to vape, it feels so easy and portable. But I may switch to a RBA when I have lowered my dependence on nicotine, since I enjoy the quality of vapor, and the ability to change flavors every 5-10 puffs is an exciting thought. Apart from the ability to finely tune your box-mod experience, the longevity and reliability of these devices is what sells me on them. Most box-mods have removable batteries that can be recharged externally. I recommend buying some extra batteries to keep in your purse, car, backpack, ect. That way you are never without a fresh set. Box-mods come with a hefty price tag $60-200, but the initial cost is well worth it due to the longer lifetime of the device, and the more enjoyable smoking experience. Spoken as someone who has easily spent $200 on vape-pens and e-cigarettes only to have them crap out and disappoint; I have never regretted buying my box, it will last far longer and go through less coils.


dmzrooo.jpgMech-mods are a highly debated device in the vape world. This comes down to two simple facts. The first being mech-mods produce a very large amount of very high quality vapor. The second fact being mech-mods can straight up explode. Mech-mods are incredibly simple in design; the battery directly applies energy to the coil thus heating it and vaporizing your e-juice. There are no circuits to regulate the flow of energy from the battery to the coil, so you are using the full power of your battery every time you puff on it. Because these currents are not being regulated you can overload your battery and BOOM! That being said mech-mods are so simple in design that they really are quite durable, though battery life would be short due to that simplicity. Don’t take the simplicity of design as these being suitable for beginners. The huge clouds of vapor produced by mech-mods can be irritating to new users lungs, causing cough and dissatisfaction. Mech-mods normally draw the sort of vape-enthusiast who enjoys rebuilding their own coils in a RBA and drip vaping due to the overall quality and volume of smoke this provides. I would highly recommend doing your research before rebuilding coils for a mech-mod, definitely test your coils before installing them, and have someone who knows what they are doing help you the first few times. Building improper coils for your mech-mod can result in your mech-mod exploding. Most vape shops are happy to help, and some have ohm readers that they “rent” out to customers so they can test their coils. Mech-mods can be fun for an experienced vapor who is looking for those powerful intimidating clouds, and enjoys rebuilding coils for RBA and drip vaping. But I would not recommend this to a beginner. You can expect a mech-mod set up to run about $60-150

I am currently using a Black Edition KrangerTech Subox Mini. Shown in the box-mod picture above. I bought the starter kit for a reasonable price at a local vape shop. I use the included tank atomizer. I picked the Subox Mini due to it being a smaller size box-mod; it has variable settings, a large durable tank, and comes with a re-buildable tank coil as well as two standard coils, washers, wire, and a screwdriver. The Subox has the option to charge batteries in the device with USB cable, though I find my external trickle charger is faster. I am very pleased with my Subox and have not had one problem with it. Though I do urge people to lightly coat the rubber washers of the tank with e-juice to keep the seal and prevent leaking. Keep an eye out for my next post where we will talk about e-juice.


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